Love Sketching #1


I took some little requests @ Facebook
Thank you guys for your great ideas ^.^

About the sketches…

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Sketch #1
This little drawing is for Nuriya. She wanted me to draw one of her lovely OCs letting braid her hair by Norchen ♥ I really love the poses *U*

Yupinachii had the great idea let Nanami (her OC) and Norchen celebrate a Pyjama party ♥ To create the hair style was great fun ^.^

Sketch #3
This is kinda old! But I hadn’t time to make it colourful… Norchen comes out so calm *U* ♥

Sketch #4
For Miyu-chan ♥ She wanted me to draw her gorgeous OC Luana ♥

Sketch #5
The last weeks I did some great fun with yukosan together ^.^ We draw from different real crazy themes;D And this theme was chocolate ♥

Sketch #6
Some Norchen form Tales of Z-Town ♥

Sketch #7
Nahhh! Did you find out which Pokémon are they without reading? xD
Someone from Facebook wanted me to draw „Pokémon Gijinka“ and I thought which one of all the different little monsters I should draw… I decided to choose one of the old-school ones ;D And I love Magicarpe ♥ But Gyarados is such a great one, too! So I draw both of them as sisters ♥

Thank you for coming across my blog ♥

Türchen 10 ♥ [Norchens-Welt Adventskalender 2012]

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Uhhh doch noch was vorzeigbares geschafft ^.^ Heute zeige ich euch mal, wo ich gerne Posen beziehe 😉
Leider habe ich nie so oft wie Zeit alles genau zu studieren, aber jetzt habe ich sie mir mal wieder genommen für euch 🙂

Ein großer Fan vom Zeigen des Skizzenbuchs bin ich eigentlich auch nicht… Aber das hier kann man ja mal zeigen 😉