Artblogger: Winterzauber-STA 2014 (#138-#142)

Hallo meine Lieben ♥

Endlich komme ich mal dazu meine bisher verpassten Uploads nachzuholen…
Und da es jetzt langsam auf den Sommer zugeht darf es doch gerne noch ein bisschen Winter-Feeling sein, oder? 😉

Im Rahmen unserer Artblogger-Gruppe hatten dummesmaedchen, Avilia, Nuriya und ich einen kleinen Reihumtausch bzw. eine STA zum Thema „Winterzauber veranstaltet. Ich hing bis Februar, glaube ich, ein wenig hinterher wegen der KAWAii!! Anthologie, aber das holen wir jetzt alles nach!

New YT channel + ACEO #137

Hello my lovely little HoneyBunnies ♥

How are you doing? ^_^

Finally I can upload something new! ♥
This little card is the start of my new Youtube channel! *YEAH*
If you want to see some speed paint videos or vlogs in the next time I recommend subscribing my channel :3 –> Norchen’s YT ♥

My first video ♥

I will try to do more videos for you in the next months ^_^
So… I hope you’ll like it! Let me know ♥


ACEO Time! #134 – She is my Girl!

Hello little HoneyBunnies ♥

It was a nice LONG weekend because of Whitsun. But what did I do… I almost just chill all the days and enjoy the time at ‚Bergkirchweih‘ in Erlangen ^_^

But I finished some little pieces of work.

#134 – She is my Girl!
134 - she_is_my_girl [prize for Ella]

This little cute ACEO card is for Ella from
She won one prize of my Christmas Contest 2013 ^_^
I drew her two cuties Cream and Brownie, two cute little sheep.
Just check out the comics of them: click ♥
I hope she will like this little card >///<

See you soon ♥

ACEO #132 & #133

Hello dear HoneyBunnies ♥

I spend a way too much NOT in front of my PC *laugh*
Because of work and social life outside I wasn’t able to update my blog *sigh*
(I have a lots of stuff to blog, but… time… orz)

Before I will say ‚hello‘ to vacation time over the weekend I will show you some new ACEOs this week ♥


#132 – Party Night (for Lubov)
132 - Party Night [Gewinn fuer Lubov]
This card is the winner’s prize for the winner of my Colour Me! Contest last year.
Lubov wanted me to draw her nice OC ‚Moe‘. I REALLY LOVE THE DESIGN!
And it is such a pleasure to me, that I can use one of her nice OCs for my webcomic ‚Tales of Z-Town‘ ♥

#133 – Fruits Queen
133 - Fruits Queen [Tausch_mit_--Cara--]
This card is for the trade with –-Cara– ♥ She wanted me to draw a Pin-up Girl. Main theme was ’something like fruits‘ 😉 I had really fun to draw the hair ♥

I’m sorry for only spamming my blog with ACEOs… but I have some art works to finish on my vacation ^_^ So please be patient! I will add some step-by-step next time!


Express Christmas Contest

Für die deutsche Beschreibung siehe weiter unten…


Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥
Sorry, that I couldn’t prepare a real Advent Calendar, but I want to brighten up the Christmas time for you ^_^

So here the first task…35_norchen_winter_christmas

Your task…
Draw a little fanart of Norchen and Hasi (reference) in nice Christmas clothes ♥
Time until… 24th of December!
Send an email to norchenswelt[at] with your fanart. The best drawing will win something nicy surprisy ♥
The prize…
A special suprise package with alots of Norchen merchandise ♥ AND one maxi ACEO with your wish motif!

GOOD LUCK! I hope that you all want to take part ^_^
For question just write an comment here or email.

Ein bisschen knapp, aber vielleicht doch eine schöne Idee ^_^
Hier kommt die Aufgabe:
Zeichnet ein Weihnachts-Fanart von Norchen und Hasi! (Referenz)
Zeit habt ihr bis… 24. Dezember
Sendet einfach eine E-Mail mit eurem Fanart an norchenswelt[at]
Das beste Bild gewinnt ein tolles Überraschungspaket mir vielem Norchen Merchandise und eine Maxi-KAKAO!

Ich werde mir vorbehalten auch einige „Trostpreise“ zu verteilen ^_^

VIEL GLÜCK! Ich hoffe, ihr habt Lust und macht zahlreich mit ♥

Eurer Norchen ♥

[ACEO] Rose Series

Hey ho Honeybunnies ♥

Today I could finally show you my first ACEO series ♥
It had all started with the 7th Junkday and the special „Rose Black“ card. I decided to draw three more Roses: Blonde, Red and Brown. AND I finally reached the 100th card ♥ I really can’t believe that I already draw 100 little ACEO cards ^.^

And now show time … ♥