Diet anyone?


Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

This will be a very personal part of my blog. So if you expect any drawing themed content or nice and cute pictures you should probably switch to one of my older posts. 😉

What I want to blog about?
Basically I want to motivate myself to lose weight. I want to share my daily routines of fighting against my own lazyness and just write down my feelings, fears and what I eated. It shall help me to overview the current situation and just simple… motivate me ♥

I think alot about writing down this hard process. I mean really HARD.
The more or less it is even harder for me to open to you and write down something about the ‚me‘ behind ‚Norchen‘. You don’t want to show your ‚ugly‘ side. Well, I’m not that ugly, but I feel not right and I WANT to change something.

So I hope I can stay motivated throughout the time until I reached my goal. May YOU help me to stay motivated? ^_^
I will post everything under the category ‚#dietanyone‘ and also will use this hashtag on different social media sites. I also will only write in English. First because I will try to reach as much people as possible and I WANT to improve my rusty English >.<…

Why do I want to change?
It’s been a while since I engage in sports. Honestly, I hadn’t done sports routinely for…let me think…5 years. When this got clear to myself I was kinda shocked. Last day I even recognize that I haven’t eaten only just fruits or vegetables (except of salad) for years! Felt like I treated my body as bad as someone could. This makes me so sad and even motivated me to do more and make it better from now on!

Well, maybe some more information: Before I finsihed academic high school and start studying at the university I danced for 12 years in a modern dance group. Hard training twice a week with regular performances. I wasn’t a ballerina or so damn thin, but I feel comfortable, wearing cloth size M to L (sometimes XL). Okay, I have to say that even in this time I felt sometimes ‚ugly‘ and fat, but this wasn’t only a thing depended on my body feeling.

I felt quite good with my body before starting university, but after I went to the new town, far away from my home and dance group I got REALLY lazy with EVERYTHING. It is such a mess that I just realise this this week.
I found excuses for everthing… No money, no time, to much to do and at the end… I just chill and eat a way too much in the evening after studies and do NOTHING. This went on for four years and even one more year. So almost for five years. IT HAD TO STOP!

So, what is my motivation to start even now?
It actually began last year with my first contact in the gym with all this fitness stuff. I recognize that the ‚gym way‘ isn’t my cup of tea and I stagnate again and got lazy, gain weight and was so unhappy!
Until then I gained about 10 to 15 kg weight…in five years. What a mess!
AND THEN I saw THAT summer dress at TK.Maxx!! ♥
I really want to wear it. Luckily, the dress was in my current clothes size and suited perfect. BUT there also was that dress in my former clothes size (in which 70% of my older dresses are…).
Which clothes size do you think I bought? TADA! The smaller clothes size (42)… This was in February. And now? The dress hangs in front of my wardrobe and reminds me every day that I want to fit in it so bad!
But until May/June I found stupid excuses again… And then I found such a great fitness programme here in Erlangen that totally suits to me: a DANCE WORKOUT group. ♥

What I want to reach is to lose 10kg weight. But I know it is better to start slow and don’t want tooo much, so I decide to divide my goal in two parts. And I’m really happy about EVERY kg decreased! ♥

Puh… this was really personal >///< I hope it was nevertheless a quick overview about the situation.
My plans for this ‚little‘ blog project are to write down my daily work for the goal. Just write down how much I weigh, what did I eat, how I feel trough the day and how much sport did I do.It might be really boring, but I want to motivate myself and even if one person read it it encourages me to try harder and keep on writing ♥

So I hope you will go along with me this journey and maybe you get also motivated to do something for your body or for something else ^_^

In the next days I will start to write down the daily routine.
Stay tuned ^_^


2 Gedanken zu “Diet anyone?

  1. Hey Norchen~!

    Really glad to see you finally post about your diet plans! <3 Been reading them on Twitter for so long and was really excited when you posted the link just earlier. :3

    All I can say is that I am in the EXACT same situation. Was in a sports club as a kid and was thin back then. But as the years went by I grew lazier, found a lot of excuses as well until I realized "I can't go on like this".
    So I am really glad to read that you wanna keep your diet diary open and readable for everyone! <3 It'll motivate me to also keep track of what I'm eating and doing.
    My journey already started a few months back, so I actually already managed to lose a bit of weight. But everything is so much more fun when there is someone else who goes through the same and you can talk to! So I'm really, really happy! w<)/

  2. Great idea – I know the problem if you are not motivated to do anything. I wish u luck!!!

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