ACEO: 124 – 130


Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Some new stuff is finished and I want to share it with you ^__^
I also add some „old“ ACEOs because I hadn’t time to upload them because of busy times. The preparations for the bookfai in Leipzig nearly killed all my freetime (laughs).

#124 – Winter OC
124 - Winter OC [STA GSA_1]
This card is the first one for a trade event at my shoujo group at
I drew my „new“ winter girl I used for my family & friends holiday/New Year’s card.
This girl still needs a name ;_;…

#125 – Winter Norchen and Hasi
125 - Winter Norchen and Hasi [STA GSA_2]
This is the second card for the GermanShoujoArtist trade event.
The original version has some little stars and glitter on it. ♥

#126 – On the way to school
126 - On the way to school [Tausch_YueYuki]
This colourful ACEO is for the lovely YueYuki
She is such a great artist and I was so happy about our trade ^_^
I draw her OC Aoi. So much blue hair! @__@
With this card I used my new Colorex colours for the first time! These colours are so bright and amazing. But also hard to handle with my common skills >_<“

#127 – Lovely Complex
127 - Lovely Complex [STA Anime_Gaming_Facebook]
LOVELY COMPLEX! What else do I need to say ? ;D
I love this anime and if I have some more time I will definitely draw a fanart for this anime ♥
This card was made for another trade event at Facebook with the Theme „Anime/ Gaming Pairings“ and I instantly have to think about this anime 😀

#128 – Kimi ni Todoke
128 - Kimi ni Todoke [STA Anime_Gaming_Facebook]
The second card for the „Anime/Gaming pairing“ trade event ♥
This anime got my nuts! REALLY! I watched it with my little sister and was always complaining about the two main characters because they didn’t managed it 2 whole seasons to get together xD But is was soo cute ♥ I still love this anime ^_^

#129 + 130 – Celia & Tamashii
129_130 - Celia_und_Tama [Gewinn fuer Arisa Maxwell]
The last ACEO today is the prize for Arisa Maxwell who participated in my Christmas Express drawing contest ^_^ I got such a cute drawing from her ♥

So for now… Have a nice Easter season ♥
I will try to upload a nice drawing tomorrow and do a Easter raffle ^_^


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