Norchen and Hasi’s Christmas Eve [Contest Submissions]

Hello my little WinterBunnies ♥
Did you remember my little Express Christmas Contest?
I got some really nice entries and it was hard to decide who will be the lucky winner >////<

These great drawings I got… ♥ They are too cute >3<


by Cho Hana

This nice picture is drawin by Cho Hana ♥
She drew Norchen and Hasi in a great Christmas styled outfit and I really like the little tree in the background ^_^
Thank you so much for this!


by Ella Sonnenschein

I also got a submission from Ella Sonnenschein ♥ She draw a really colourful and happy motif of Hasi and Norchen! Hasi look so cute >///< Thank you so much!

2013-12-14 01.33.23

by AiCan

AiCan submitted a nice Christmas drawing, too. She drew a great Christmas tree in the background. I love haveing a decorated christmas tree! ♥ Norchen’s dress and her chilled way holding the candy cane is too cute :3 Thank you for this nice submission!

by Arisa Maxwell

by Arisa MaxwellArisa Maxwell

Arisa Maxwell submitted a amazing winter related drawing ♥ I really, really love Norchen’s strong and harmonic view! It is also great to see, that the both build two snow men: one for Hasi and one for Norchen. Hasi is coming out so cute here. Ahh I want to hug her! ♥ Than you so much for this submission! :3

by Chizuru

by Chizuru

Chizuru submitted a great fanart, too! I like the idea holding a latern in the hand and a mistle toe. It’s like Norchen is guiding the way throug the snowy forest.♥ Thank you for your submission!


by AyaMaresca

The last submission I got is drawn by AyaMaresca. She drew Norchen in a typical Christmas outfit and uses so much stars! ♥ Also Hasi got a special ribbon and she is so lazy xDD A sleeping Hasi! Hehe ♥ Soo cute. Thank you for this submission!


And now… Who won? Oh my gosh! It was kinda hard to decide because I really like all of the submissions, but I only can chose one winner >.<

*tadadadammm* The winner is Arisa Maxwell with her funny and harmonic winter drawing! ♥ Because I really couldn’t decide which one I love the most I chose a second winner who will get a normal ACEO ♥ The second winner is Ella Sonnenschein!
Congratulations you both!

Thank YOU SO MUCH for all your submissions! ♥ I really appreciate every single submission and were glad that you like to draw my two little Honeybunnies ^_^ ♥



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