New little cards ♥ (#111,#114-#118)

new aceos online

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Today I wanna give you the newest little ACEO artworks I’ve made ^_^
Enjoy ♥

#111 – Under the Water
A card I didn’t uploaded yet and actually did just for fun ^_^
111 - Under the Water

#114 – Happy Happy ♥
A nice and happy card I just created for fun and might trade it in the next days ^_^
114 - Happy Happy 

#115 – Come to me, Darling ♥
My part of the trade with Seena ♥ I draw her Delicious OC Morgana. This isn’t really the original design I wanted her to look a bit more creepy. hehe x3 Did I get it?
115 - Come to me Darling [Tausch Seena]

#116 – The Kimono
Again a „just for fun“ card, but I couldn’t sell it at the last con beause this card is so amazing ;A; (sorry for being vain…) I liked this card too much to give it away ♥
116 - Kimono

#117 – Our Night
A card for the last convention (YaYuCo), but no one wanted it to buy haha xD
Kinda sad, isn’t it?
117 - Our Night

#118 – Woke up in a Mess
Once again for the YaYuCo conventon in Dachau I again no one wanted to buy it ^^“
May be I sell them online ♥ (or trade, what else…)
118 - Woke up in a Mess

Puhhh So much cards!
Do you like them all? 😀


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