Some thoughts…

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Some time passed…
I got a new (and my first real)  job and I am really happy with it ^_^ ♥ A disadvantage of having an full time job is less time for drawing of course… Sometimes I am really sad about having still less time for everything.

Last weekend I visited a great and small convention in Dachau, Germany. It was the YaYuCo (Yaoi Yuri Convention). I will try to upload some pictures and a report about this con next week!

And what else…
Lately… I’m thinking about freezing and leaving facebook (as an artist). It is just too much I don’t want to live with anoymore. But it is such a bad doom loop… Facebook seem’s to be anything and I am really afraid of that no one will care if I am leaving my artist page…

What do you think about Facebook and starting/haveing an artist page?
It would be interesting to hear your opinion ^_^ Just write a comment ♥
Actually I wanted to do more for my blog T_T But… I have the feeling that no one even care only… Well we will see… AND enough of complaining about! I should fine time to finish some works and manga pages next week >.<

This weekend I stay with a close and old friend. We celebrate her birthday ♥

Norchen ♥

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