Abracadabra, Psy!

Oh well, what news! The new song from Psy finally was revealed. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to hear his new single. But really… When I got it I was like „urgh, how monotonous and evenly.. and you know what…errr… boring?!“

Okay, not everyone have to like his new single, but I thought their will something special after he gain so great success with „normal“ folks.This new song in my opinion even let K-Pop fans or in general fans of Asia look like they are always silly because of loving such music or dances (or artists?)…

Please, dont get me wrong! I like Psy and his style. I really love(d) Gangnam Style and his other songs. BUT what really DOES make me angry is that he uses the special dance from Brown Eyed Girl’s Dance in Abracadabra (in 2010)! Maybe they made an agreement, I don’t know…
The whole world of non(or new)-Asia fans now think this is such a cool inovation of dance, but it isn’t… Argh >.< I’m so angry… I am a huge fan of the Brown Eyed Girls and that’s why I couldn’t go with it… Also almost all stupid (private) German TV channels make believe that this new song is soooooo hip.. v.v“

But… well… Here you can make you own dessicion ♥

found at youtube and vimeo

Enjoy and XOXO

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