[ACEO] Rose Series

Hey ho Honeybunnies ♥

Today I could finally show you my first ACEO series ♥
It had all started with the 7th Junkday and the special „Rose Black“ card. I decided to draw three more Roses: Blonde, Red and Brown. AND I finally reached the 100th card ♥ I really can’t believe that I already draw 100 little ACEO cards ^.^

And now show time … ♥

092 – Rose Black (Rose Series #1) 

The colours come out  little bit strange >.< So here a better photo:


098 – Rose Blonde (Rose Series #2)

I love this card (like all the other ones ;D). It is so lovely light pink and come out so innoncent. I will sell this card as print in a few weeks ♥ 

099 – Rose Red (Rose Series #3)

This card is a bit different because I didn’t draw a special hair style. I got influenced by a photoshoot of HELLOVENUS (a Korean girl band). They are such nice girls ♥

100 – Rose Brown (Rose Series #4)

MY 100th CARD! ♥ OH I really, really, really love this little card! The colours come out so well and it looks so beautiful *U* Doesn’t it?! I will sell prints of this card in a few weeks, too! 

I hope you like all the cards and let me know ♥
I look forward to your comments ♥


PS: Sorry for being off for two days. There was a strange error within my database ;A;

PPS: BOOKFAI in Leipzig, Saxony ;///; Can’t wait any longer >.< ♥

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