KAKAO-Time ♥

A while ago I searched for some sheet protectors. Three nice people hepl me out so nice.
These little new card are the reward for their help ♥

095 – Good Night, Norchen

Bad photo, but because of the stars I couldn’t scan it ;A;
This card is for my lovely Peggy ♥ She wanted me to draw Norchen and Hasi. This was so cute!!! ;///;~

096 – The Bar

Ahh I’m not 100% satisfied with this ;A; The character belongs to Aiko-Mustang ♥
I tried to draw more adult.

097 – Wir haben uns (We have each other)

This is for Chikusa from Animexx ♥ She wanted me to draw Franziska and Maya from the Series Ace Attorny. I NEVER played it. So I don’t know much about the characters ^^“ She wished for this pairing. I hope I got them in the right way >.<

At this moment I prepare for the LBM (book fair in Leipzig) and nothing want to work!!! ARGH ;A;


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