ACEO en masse (#111-#113)

Hey ho my little HoneyBunnies ♥

Today another overview about the latest ACEO cards ♥

111 – Under the Water
111 - Under the Water

112 – Limalein
112 - Limalein [Gewinn Limalein]
This little card is the first prize of GermanShoujoArtist’s Spring Event.
The lovely and sweet Limalein got it. I was able to get to know her in real and she is such a cute person ♥ Limalein wanted me to draw her in Chibi mode and I decide to do it cute ;D I hope she don’t dislike pink…

113 – Devil Twins
113 - Devil Twins [Tausch -Mia]

This card is for  a trade with Mia- ♥ I will get this great ACEO *^*
she wanted me to draw the Vocaloid twins in some special way („Daughter of Evil“) I don’t know much about the Vocloid family so I hope I did it well T_T
(I used this reference:

And at the end…
This is waiting for me…


New ACEOs (#108-#110)

Good evening my little HoneyBunnies ♥

This day I finally upload some new little cards ^.^

# 108 – My Vamp
108 - My Vamp [Auftrag für Sandra]

This is my version of the Sandra’s OCs ♥
I hope they both come out kinda sexy and mysterious.

#109 – Let’s Play
109 - Let's Play [Auftrag Anna]

This card is a special wish by Anna ♥ She wanted me to draw a nice girl in gamer pose ^.^ I think it looks kinda dynamic. What do you think?

#110 – Plans for the Night
110 - Plans for the Night [Auftrag Mona]

A mysterious night? These two would definitely know about it :3
This card is for Tikichan ♥ I hope she like my version of her OCs >.<

Have a good time ♥ See ya next time!

KAKAO-Time ♥

A while ago I searched for some sheet protectors. Three nice people hepl me out so nice.
These little new card are the reward for their help ♥

095 – Good Night, Norchen

Bad photo, but because of the stars I couldn’t scan it ;A;
This card is for my lovely Peggy ♥ She wanted me to draw Norchen and Hasi. This was so cute!!! ;///;~

096 – The Bar

Ahh I’m not 100% satisfied with this ;A; The character belongs to Aiko-Mustang ♥
I tried to draw more adult.

097 – Wir haben uns (We have each other)

This is for Chikusa from Animexx ♥ She wanted me to draw Franziska and Maya from the Series Ace Attorny. I NEVER played it. So I don’t know much about the characters ^^“ She wished for this pairing. I hope I got them in the right way >.<

At this moment I prepare for the LBM (book fair in Leipzig) and nothing want to work!!! ARGH ;A;


A little gift for Yenni ♥

Ahhhh ich habe ja so lange nicht mehr gebloggt ;A;
Gab so viel vorzubereiten… Vor allem für die Uni…

Diese KAKAO ist eine Überraschung für Yenni gewesen ♥
Ich bin so froh, sie kennen gelernt zu haben und hoffe, dass wir uns noch lange kennen werden ;D

Die nächsten Tage kommt dann wieder mehr ♥


Türchen 3 ♥ [Norchens-Welt Adventskalender 2012]

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Und schon sind wir beim dritten Türchen ♥
Und es ist wieder eine KAKAO ,_,“ Entschuldigt, die große Abwechslung kommt noch ^^
Diese KAKAO-Karte ist für den Adventskalender meiner und Evelizs‘ Deviantartgruppe (GermanShoujoArtists) ♥ Ich hoffe, diese Karte gefällt euch auch. Diese wird im Set als winterliche Auflage bald angeboten. Bitte bleibt dran. Ich gebe die Info sobald die Karten fertig sind bald heraus >.<„

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And here the third little door of my advent calendar ♥ Sorry, that it’s again an ACEO card. Next days there will be some other stuff ^.^ This card you can effort as a print in the next days. Please, stay up to date for it ^.^

Ich mag diese Karte wieder so sehr ;A; ♥ Weihnachtsmarkt ist einfach eine feine Sache ^.^

So und nun muss ich meine Verteidigung vorbereiten… Morgen wird Praxissemesterarbeit verteidigt 😐


Surprise Preorder Packages ♥

Yeah! I’m so glad that the preoder packages arrived securely ^.^
And to all who didn’t preorder you can see how the fan packages looked like…

Everything (except the posters) was totally handmaded (and not printed by any company).
I’m so proud of my postcards ♥ Do you like them, too?

I think I will sell some sets. Anyone interested in ? 😀
And at the end…
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sturdust_nn ♥