Leipziger Buchmesse 2015 (MCC 2015) – Ein kleiner Überblick…


Hallo meine HoneyBunnies ♥

Ich bin zurück und befreit vom ganzen „Buchmesse-Stress“ (Okay, der Nachverkauf steht noch an… aber immerhin keine Vorbereitungen mehr >_<).

War das eine Woche! Nein, MONATE! Und alles an Freude, Aufregung und Arbeitsschweiß kumulierte in nur 4 Tagen! Es ist immer wieder Wahnsinn, wie man es durchhält und dann doch einfach nur happy ist, dass einen die Atmosphäre der Messe so positiv verschlingt. Ich werde euch in diesem Post meine Eindrücke, Gedanken und mein Fazit zur Leipziger Buchmesse und der Manga-Comic-Convention 2015 geben.
Außerdem werde ich auch ein bisschen den Anmeldevorgang beleuchten, der im Vorfeld der Messe stattfand.

Fashion, Christmas & Drawing HAUL [Advent Seasoning ♥]

Hello my dear Winter HoneyBunnies ♥

Finally my favourite time of the year beginns ^_^!
I love winter and advent season and the best it snowed the last week. YUPPIEH!

Today is the first Advent and I could celebrate it with my family ♥
I also celebrate my first salary. I asked my beloved and family to dinner and go shopping.
The Christmas markets are already open and so I could visite the market in Leipzig, too!

And now… Tadamm! My haul ♥

Some thoughts…

Hello my dear HoneyBunnies ♥

Some time passed…
I got a new (and my first real)  job and I am really happy with it ^_^ ♥ A disadvantage of having an full time job is less time for drawing of course… Sometimes I am really sad about having still less time for everything.

Last weekend I visited a great and small convention in Dachau, Germany. It was the YaYuCo (Yaoi Yuri Convention). I will try to upload some pictures and a report about this con next week!

And what else…
Lately… I’m thinking about freezing and leaving facebook (as an artist). It is just too much I don’t want to live with anoymore. But it is such a bad doom loop… Facebook seem’s to be anything and I am really afraid of that no one will care if I am leaving my artist page…

What do you think about Facebook and starting/haveing an artist page?
It would be interesting to hear your opinion ^_^ Just write a comment ♥
Actually I wanted to do more for my blog T_T But… I have the feeling that no one even care only… Well we will see… AND enough of complaining about! I should fine time to finish some works and manga pages next week >.<

This weekend I stay with a close and old friend. We celebrate her birthday ♥

Norchen ♥

New stuff ♥


This day I went to the AMAZING(!!!!) creative store „BOESNER“ in Nuremberg with Nayght-tsuki and Smarakt ♥ Ahhh I really couldn’t handle with all the great stuff and nerly got a lovely heart attack ;D

I bought this …

So much great stuff *U* Especially the pens (brown, pink, black) look soo great ♥

ANND I finally got my copy of „Clover“ ♥ (I love this manga nd found the complete (english) edition!! I am so HAPPY ♥ (*≧▽≦)


And now I have no money anymore x’D

Norchen ♥

Abracadabra, Psy!

Oh well, what news! The new song from Psy finally was revealed. I was really excited and couldn’t wait to hear his new single. But really… When I got it I was like „urgh, how monotonous and evenly.. and you know what…errr… boring?!“

Okay, not everyone have to like his new single, but I thought their will something special after he gain so great success with „normal“ folks.This new song in my opinion even let K-Pop fans or in general fans of Asia look like they are always silly because of loving such music or dances (or artists?)…

Please, dont get me wrong! I like Psy and his style. I really love(d) Gangnam Style and his other songs. BUT what really DOES make me angry is that he uses the special dance from Brown Eyed Girl’s Dance in Abracadabra (in 2010)! Maybe they made an agreement, I don’t know…
The whole world of non(or new)-Asia fans now think this is such a cool inovation of dance, but it isn’t… Argh >.< I’m so angry… I am a huge fan of the Brown Eyed Girls and that’s why I couldn’t go with it… Also almost all stupid (private) German TV channels make believe that this new song is soooooo hip.. v.v“

But… well… Here you can make you own dessicion ♥

found at youtube and vimeo

Enjoy and XOXO

Der Con-Auftackt – DeDeCo 2013 in Dresden ♥

Hey ho meine lieben HoneyBunnies ♥

Schon ist sie wieder vorbei, die DeDeCo 2013 in Dresden. An sich eine hübsche Con, die nun schon zum zweiten Mal stattfand. Ich habe viele tolle, neue Leute kennen gelernt und habe sogar ein paar neue Erfahrungen machen können ♥ Leider hatte ich an dem Montag danach eine schwierige Prüfung und war nicht ganz dabei… Hier also meine kleines Review zur DeDeCo 2013 ♥….